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Establish a Restaurant in Estonia

Establish a Restaurant in Estonia

Estonian food regulations must be known by a person who intends to open a restaurant in this country. These provisions are part of the national policy concerning food safety. A food business in Estonia needs to address specific institutions in order to obtain authorizations of functioning and therefore provide to its clients high quality cuisine products.

Our law firm in Estonia can help you become familiarized with the specific regulations concerning food safety as well as in the formation and registration procedure for your restaurant in this country. Our lawyers can also assist you in case you need to open a bank account in Estonia.

We can also give you details if you are interested in immigration to Estonia via investment.

Food safety in Estonia

Food safety in Estonia is an issue seriously monitored by the authorities. The main law which regulates food production, preparation and sale in Estonia is the Food Act, released in February 1999. According to the law, restaurants cannot function without a specific license, which is mandatory for those establishments where food is handled or processed in order to be delivered to customers.

In order to apply for this license a person who wants to open a food business in Estonia needs to provide several information such as:

• list of the food groups processed;

• the site map of the establishment;

• layout of the rooms and information on the indoor water supply and sewerage lines;

• cleaning, disinfection and pest control plans;

• hygiene training for the employees who come in contact with food;

• information on how the food is transported. 

The main body who supervises food quality and licensing in Estonia is the Ministry of Rural Affairs who follows the provisions of the international food standards programme of Codex Alimentarius in compliance with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Our attorneys in Estonia can help you obtain the approvals imposed by the law thus allowing your restaurant to function legally in this country.

Our immigration lawyers in Estonia can help you apply for the righ type of residence permit that will allow you to stay in the country temporarily.

More aspects concerning the opening of a restaurant in Estonia

Investors in Estonia who want to operate in the food sector should know that the Estonian state imposes several regulations to food importers. If you want to open a restaurant in this country you should take in consideration this aspect and enter in agreements only with those business operators who comply with the law. Moreover, if you intend to open a restaurant with organic food, you should know that there are specific Estonian regulations which define organic farming and the accepted environmental practices. 

If you intend to open a business in Estonia it is important to be familiarized with the Company Act as well as the business legal framework in this country. Our attorneys in Estonia can help you choose from the variety of legal structures in which you can organize your food service enterprise and they can help you as well to prepare the necessary documents for its registration with the Commercial Business Register.

Foreign restaurant owners in Estonia can apply for a residence permit for business if they make an investment of at least 65,000 Euros in the capital of the restaurant business. Other conditions can apply for sole traders interested in residency in Estonia. Our team can give you more details about this temporary residence permit for business and how you can apply.

If you want to open a restaurant, you do not need to follow the entire process for immigration to Estonia in order to run your business, however, if you plan to make teh relocation permanent, you can reach out to our lawyers for matters concerning residency.

If you want to open a restaurant and remain in the country, our immigration lawyers in Estonia can give you more details on Estonia citizenship by investment.

Please contact our Estonian lawyers who can provide trustworthy advice concerning the company formation aspects implied by the opening of a restaurant in Estonia

Foreign restaurant owners in Estonia will usually choose to remain in the country to run their business closely. If this is your case, our team can also answer questions about temporary and permanent residence permits. For those who have been lawfully living in the country on a permanent basis before they start their business, we can also answer questions about Estonian citizenship.

We can also give you details if you are interested in immigration to Estonia via investment. Remaining in the country for five successive years allows EU and EEA citizens to apply for the right of permanent residence and non-EU/EEA nationals to apply for a long-term residence permit. Understanding the requirements is easier with the help of our team of immigration experts.