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Fiduciary Services in Estonia

Fiduciary Services in Estonia

The fiduciary services in Estonia refer usually to wealth management that is provided by banks or other administrators of funds and assets.  The Estonian law gives some standards of performance which have the role of directing the well-functioning of the fiduciary services in this country. The various types of fiduciary services which exist in Estonia can be presented to you in detail by one of our Norwegian attorneys

Types of fiduciary services in Estonia 

By employing a fiduciary service in Estonia an investor can ensure an increased protection of his/her assets but also a professional administration of his/her funds. Depending on the specific needs, a client can ask from our attorneys in Estonia more details concerning one of the following types of fiduciary services

• – nominee shareholder services, through which the owner’s identity can be maintained secret, thus protecting from unwanted publicity the ownership of an enterprise;

• – nominee director services, through which a company can hire an intermediator in a strong leading position, such as president, director or secretary;

• – asset management services, which have the purpose to efficiently maintain and upgrade the assets which are given in the care of a fiduciary expert;

• – custodian services, mainly dealing with safekeeping securities and administrate accounts.

Our law firm in Estonia can provide any of the fiduciary services mentioned above so you can confidently rely on the expertise of our attorneys for a satisfactory assets administration in Estonia. 

Why employ fiduciary services in Estonia?

Those who invest in Estonia for the first time but also investors with a longer business history in this country are advised to employ a fiduciary service. Fiduciary services can apply the values of a company and its long term goals in the most efficient way to the particularities of the Estonian market. As such, by contracting fiduciary services for your personal assets or for your company, you make an important step towards a responsible and fruitful administration of your funds

The most important thing about the choice of a fiduciary service in Estonia is to respond to the particular characteristics of your organization. Our law firm in this country is ready to administrate your funds in a reliable and professional way. Don’t hesitate to contact our Estonian lawyers in order to ask more questions or employ one of the fiduciary services that you plan to use.