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Estonia and LawyersEstonia.com are present in the press through several publications, among which the ones below:

1. Tax Incentives for Businesses in Different Countries Across Europe

“Countries in Europe have different types of investment incentives as well as operational incentives. However, some countries will have a generally attractive tax regime that requires no need for special allowances or deductions. This is the case for those who set up an Estonian company.”

2. How to start your business in Spain and expand it to other countries

“Another business destination where Spanish investors can start a company with 100% foreign ownership is Estonia. Companies set up in Estonia benefit from a simple incorporation procedure and numerous registration requirements can be completed online.”

3. The most popular European countries for starting a business

“One EU member state providing a suitable market for the expansion of a business is Estonia, where investors can benefit from excellent public services that can be easily accessed on the online platforms of the local institutions.”

4. Best European countries for starting a business

“Estonia is one of the European countries that have worked on creating a pro-business environment that today offers one of the most attractive research and development ecosystems in the region.”