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Reserve a Company Name in Estonia

Reserve a Company Name in Estonia

One of the first steps required in order to open a company in Estonia is to reserve a name for your future business. If you want to invest in this country and you need to reserve a company name in Estonia, than you can make use of the legal advice of our Estonian lawyers

The procedure of reservation of a company name in Estonia

Estonia has a very efficient online registration platform for companies. The e-business register was introduced in 2007 and since then the time allocated to the formation of a company decreased from a few days to less than 20 minutes. Apart from giving the possibility for choosing the type of company you can check as well the name availability for your company and complete the company name reservation in Estonia

In order to find the appropriate name for your company in Estonia, there are several aspects that you should keep in mind. The name should be short, and memorable, and very explicit concerning the line of your business.

If you have found a convenient name which is also available, than you can reserve the name and establish the companyOur attorneys in Estonia can offer complete legal support concerning the reservation of a company name in this country.

Regulations concerning the reservation of a company name in Estonia

There are several regulations that you must take into consideration when reserving the company name in Estonia. You must provide a name which is clearly different from any other which is already taken. By this you can avoid eventual complains from other companies with similar names. Without the official consent of the third party, you cannot refer in the name of your company to other legal persons.

Another important regulation regarding company name reservation in Estonia refers to indicating in the name of your company, through a code of initials, the legal structure that your company represents. For example, you must use INC only insofar your company is incorporated, or you have to employ the code OÜ which stands for “osaühing” which refers to limited liability companies in case your company has the mentioned structure.

Another regulation prevents you from using geographic names and names which might be offensive to the public or specific public categories.

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Estonia for a professional and effective legal support in business formation and in company name reservation procedures.